I don't understand, I had a plan, it was simple and yet it still seems like it's taking eons to finish my MVP. I've cut feature after feature and it's still not released yet. I don't think it's possible to cut any more features. It's almost crystal clear to me now what is left to be done. Yet I still find it hard. It's very hard.

It really is a skill to be able to resist fixing and polishing thing and also to know when you're doing work that isn't really providing much value or getting you closer to you goal. In my case releasing my MVP for A Better Budgeting App. The fact that I have users waiting to use the MVP is a real motivator, but it also makes me want to create something that won't disappoint them.

But alas, I must release as soon as possible. So with any luck, next week Thursday I'll be able to make a release! Woop Woop 🙌🏻