After yesterday's tragic results, today I decided to wake up as early as possible. I managed a 9:30 start to the day which was brilliant. Mustering up all the positive energy I could find and motivation. I finally tackled the topic of exchange rates in A Better Budgeting App and how to persist the exchange rate for historical data.

To begin with, I chose the ECB (European Central Bank) as my data source. This was great because they provide an extremely handy feed to get data from. I then started to build out the exchange rate controller which consisted of some methods that allow me to convert exchange rates from one currency to another, get exchange rates and get date specific exchange rates.

After I finished the exchange rates work, I set to integrate it with the rest of the application. Which turned out to be a lot less work than I anticipated. But still took me almost half a day to do. It's funny how there's always something that can be polished. But none the less today I made much more progress.

The remaining work to be done before the MVP can be released stands at

  • Add a new monthly overview section into the database where I can store the calculated values and individual settings for months, for example, monthly budget amount.
  • Settings popover for changing the monthly budget
  • Overview bar for your daily budget, fixed expenses vs income
  • Multi-currency support for expenses and income
  • Handle reoccurring expenses
  • Achievements section
  • Stats overview section