When I think back to what I thought my MVP would look like 3 months ago, to what I think my MVP will look like now, it makes me realize how optimistic my view was at the time. It's amazing how many features I stripped back and how differently the app looks now compared to before.

I've always been a firm believer that well-built complications look simple and that's exactly the problem. When something is well built and works intuitively it may be very easy to dismiss it as a simple thing. Take for example a calendar with reoccurring dates. That sounds simple, right? In many ways, you could say it's simple. It's simple until a user decided they want to edit the reoccurring expense at a certain point in the future.

Then you have a problem, a problem that takes time to solve. It's not like it's hard to solve or impossible as such. But solving problem takes time and when you're trying to release an MVP the fewer problems you need to solve, the more likely the MVP will actually make it to the market.

I think, all in all, my idea of what my MVP will be now, is only 30% of what I thought my MVP would be 3 months ago. Either way, I'm determined to release next week and hopefully be able to start building a real userbase! Woop Woop 🙌🏻