I've realised that these days I don't really need to work as hard to muster up motivation as I used to. I almost always automatically start working my app once I get home from work. It's like my motivation has become habitual which is great because that's what I set out to do. It's also interesting as I now daily do the following things.

  • Read a chapter or two from Book A
  • Read a chapter or two from Book B (I always have two books on the go now)
  • Write a blog post
  • Work on A Better Budgeting App

And it almost feels effortless. I feel like with more time I can start to implement more routines and habits into my daily life to optimise my productivity.

I still strongly believe that it's continuing to walk every day rather than trying to walk all the way in one day that will get me to my destination. Some journeys are just too long to fit into one day and this is one of those journeys.