Ok, so I'm super close to finishing my MVP. Unsurprisingly the closer I get, the more features I'm slashing. Perhaps I've always been just way too optimistic. 3 days ago I committed myself to launch my MVP in the next three days. But I think I was too optimistic.

This is the original list of tasks I set myself:

  • Rewriting the edit item and add item modals (6 hours)
  • Writing the logic for reoccurring expenses (5 hours)
  • Simple stats page with 2 stats and coming soon placeholders (3 hours)
  • Achievements page (4 hours) - Coming soon placeholder

And I'm actually proud to say I did rewrite the edit item and add item model. I also created a new settings modal. But that's all I achieved out of the three days.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to code tomorrow until Monday evening next week. Which sucks, but I'm away. So I've decided in order to release next week, I'm going to further slash my features.

So the remaining tasks now look like this

  • Writing the logic for reoccurring expenses (5 hours)
  • Coming soon placeholder icons for right two tabs (1 hour)
  • Secure database (4 hours)
  • Update the sign-up flow's data model (2 hours)
  • Connect monthly budget value up with the database value for the month (3 hours)

15 Hours left if I'm lucky! That looks like a Thursday next week release. This actually looks achievable. Oh and an update on the running. I went again this morning and it really helped. I managed to stay alert at work all day and even through the evening! Woop Woop 🙌🏻