I didn't manage to all that much done today since I was traveling right after work to London. However, being forced to be away from the keyboard did give me some time to think about what the roadmap for the next 6 months should look like. Right now we're almost a third of the way into the year and with the MVP version of A Better Budgeting Apps release coming soon I've been thinking about what I should be doing after release. I've boiled it down to the following.

  • March - Release MVP to early access private beta users
  • April - Track feedback, fix bugs and build missing features
  • May - Release the second iteration of the app to the entire list of beta users
  • June - Track feedback, fix bugs and build missing features. Also A/B test landing page and optimize marketing channel to build up a larger audience. Target is to add 400 more subscribers.
  • July - Build community features and continue marketing a beta landing page, Target is to add 500 more subscribers and drive down the customer acquisition cost.
  • August - Release the third iteration of the app to newly acquired users. User base should be at 1000 active users at this point.

I think three iterations of the app should be a good amount of refining before I start. 1000 active users in 6 months is a pretty lofty goal, in my opinion, considering I only have one user at the moment and thats me. 😂