Ok, so after the launch of my beta, I decided to take some time off and also to give my beta users some time to test and use my app. The results are actually as I expected. Let's look at some stats.

  • 10 Users invited
  • 6 Users signed up
  • 5 Users created an account
  • 0 Users used the app

Wow! How demotivating. But it now points me in a very good direction. The app needs more features and the current value it provides is weak. I have a few assumptions as to why they're not using the app.

  1. There's no tutorial so maybe the user doesn't know that they need to log their expenses whenever they spend it etc.
  2. There's no notifications so maybe the users forget that they should log their expenses or they've forgotten about the app altogether.
  3. There's nothing else to do besides tracking your expenses and seeing your daily budget.

It's quite hard at the moment to pin point exactly what caused the users not to use the app, but I now need to decide. Do I pivot and change what I'm building or do I add new features.

I also need to send an e-mail to the people who did install my app to find out why they didn't use it. Let's see what they come back with.