Woohoo! So I finally released my MVP yesterday and on boarded a few users. In order to finish the MVP I cut a lot of corners. It's mainly because the code I had developed for the MVP had slowly become a mess and almost impossible to maintain. I found that it was even hard to finish the MVP.

What do I do about this? I know I have a lot of messy code and I know I need to rewrite the application to improve the quality of the code. But should I do it, is the question. I mean even if I do it, it's not like it will make a huge difference in terms of the look and feel. The developer inside me is saying do it, rewrite the app. But the business guy in me is saying continue developing new features so we can actually bring in some cash flow.

Maybe I should try to do both. I'm not sure, I need to sleep on this one and consider what my next steps are.