Sometimes I wonder what lies at the end of the road for A Better Budgeting App. Is it going to be a success, or is it going to be a failure? It could be either exciting or devastating or it could be nothing. I'm somehow enthralled to find out. Day by day I work on A Better Budgeting App I've been working on it so long now, I've kind of forgotten what it felt like before to be working on nothing at all.

As the launch approaches imminently I find myself question more and more what the MVP should look like. It's so tempting to increase the scope and just continue to build. But it's almost as obvious as day that that is just a way for me to extend the actual need to release my app and before I know it, it'll be two years gone and I still won't have released an app.

Tomorrow I'm going to cut back on more features that I had planned for the MVP so I can finish and release it next week to the private beta users. Just so I can get it out the door. I've had enough of working and working and not knowing if what I'm building is even the right feature for my users.

Let's do this! Let's blow this up and pick up the pieces afterwards. 🔥           🚒🚒🚒