I must launch my private beta to at least 10 users in the next three days. Why? Because the demand is there and timing is crucial. I've been in contact with some of my beta subscribers and they're asking when, when will they finally be able to use my app. I've decided I need to further cut down my requirements. In the next three days, I can realistically only find about 18 hours. So the revised plan is to do the following.

  • Rewriting the edit item and add item modals (6 hours)
  • Writing the logic for reoccurring expenses (5 hours)
  • Simple stats page with 2 stats and coming soon placeholders (3 hours)
  • Achievements page (4 hours) - Coming soon placeholder

Given how tired and hectic my life is at the moment, this should be still achievable. I think I'm going to wake up earlier before work and fit in the hours then instead of waiting till after work. After work seems to be less productive for me in some cases. Which is a real nightmare!