I've decided that I need to start going to the gym again. It's absolutely killing me not exercising at all. Last weekend I was running to catch a train and I found myself completely out of breath. I feel like somehow I've let my fitness slip and now I'm super unhealthy in both diet and exercise.

I constantly feel tired even though I get ample sleep. Maybe this is my body giving me some sort of sign. So tomorrow, I'm going to go down to the gym at 6 am and fit in a running session. It'll also give me some time to think about things and clear my mind. I remember when I first started this routine a few years ago and it worked wonders.

That's what I need right now. I'm almost certain of it. I think my routines going to look something like this tomorrow.

  • 6 am - Wake up and get to the gym
  • 7 am - Wrap up at the gym and get home
  • 8 am - Go to work
  • 5:30 pm - Finish work
  • 6:30 pm - Have something quick to eat
  • 7:00 pm - Work on A Better Budgeting App (4 hrs)
  • 11:00 pm - Go to bed

Let's see how I feel with this routine. Somewhere I had read that neglecting your diet and exercise whilst pursuing your goals can have a negative effect and I think I'm feeling that right now. I feel like a Sports car without an oil change and new tires.