Just when I thought I couldn't slash feature any more than I already have done. I realised I could. I'm determined to launch this MVP! AHHHHH! So today I was working on the expenses feature, but that's brought to my attention several issues with the way the data is structured. I'll have to rewrite the way I handle state within my app. But I've no time to do that. So for now, my first beta users will have to make do with a pretty basic and useless reoccurring expenses feature.

I think I could spend a whole week just building it out properly, so the thought of delaying another week really made me feel sick. No, sorry, not doing that thank you very much! I'll have to just launch and see what my users say. I mean, maybe they don't even want reoccurring expenses.

Tomorrows the last day and I have just three more tasks.

  • Sign up needs to be fixed to work with the new data model
  • Layout needs to be checked for iPhone x
  • And I need to create a production database.

Woop Woop 🙌🏻