I'm super happy with today's progress. The more I work on this database migration, the better I feel because I see all the problems with the old code that I've essentially dodged. Not to mention the much clearer and cleaner interface for all the internal transformation functions now that I'm doing them again a second time around.

I managed to do a lot today.

  • I've reinstated the fixed expenses tab
  • Reinstated the income tab
  • Corrected some minor calculation discrepancies regarding the budget overview calculations.
  • Reinstated the pulling of data to the daily overview chart
  • Restored the ability to add new expenses
  • Restored the ability to edit existing expenses
  • Restored the ability to delete existing expenses
  • Updated the dropdown API to take a label and value structure instead of just a string
  • And I simplified the reloading of data by using snapshot listeners instead of using get calls. Which means when the data changes in my database it automagically updates in the app. It's truly magical when you see it in action.

Oh yeah! Today's been super good, I feel like I've made a hell of a lot of progress. Now I just need to iron out some bugs I've seen and improve some of the calculations before I continue on with developing features. Fingers crossed, I'll be able to submit and launch the beta next week! Whoop whoop 🙌🏻