Today's been pretty good, I managed to solve an issue I had which caused the app to lag indefinitely depending on network connection. It had been bugging me for days, but I had pushed the priority to the back of the queue because of more pressing matters. I've been thinking to myself lately that as long as I keep showing up, keep doing the work and keep pushing ahead I'll finally have something I can release to people who have signed up to my private beta list.

I solved another rather tough challenge today and that was the concept of a shared budget. You see before I had the budget under a users ownership. So a budget would be a collection of documents that a user-owned outright. But there comes the problem, how do you allow couples to edit the same budget? Well, you can't! At least not with that model. I took the hard decision to migrate the structure today and decouple the ownership of the list from the users model in the database.

That turned out to be the perfect solution as I now have budgets that are their own entities which allows multiple users to edit the same budget. Although this functionality will not be coming in the first beta release, it's definitely something that will be coming very soon so it's rather exciting to be laying the foundations for something so awesome later on. It'd be awesome to award users with a "Power Couple" badge.

I also fixed an issue with the accuracy of calculations after taking into account exchange rates. That was an easy one. Then I set about redesigning the add/edit item modal to account for reoccurring expenses. Which brings me to the point now where I have to build it now. Awesome! Woohoo! πŸ™ŒπŸ» Off to work I go! ⛏