I've worked out ballpark I've got around 20 hours of solid working time left. This means that split between the following tasks I can only spend these given amounts of hours on each task.

  • Rewriting the edit item and add item modals (6 hours)
  • Writing the logic for reoccurring expenses (5 hours)
  • Simple stats page with 2 stats and coming soon placeholders (3 hours)
  • Achievements page (4 hours)
  • Settings modal (2 hours)

That actually looks achievable. OMG! Maybe this time I'll actually be able to release my first MVP. It's dead exciting.

Not much of an update today, I mostly spent most of the evening starting off the rewrite of the add and edit modals to accommodate for reoccurring expenses and I also added a cute little wrench and screwdriver icon for the settings modal that's going to be coming very soon. This modal will allow users to adjust a months daily budget value and I'm sure there will be some other settings to add in the future as well.